Friday, August 11, 2006

Radio 411 blog signing off…

New professional commitments require me to put this blog to bed.
All good things….

It's been a short run yet an undeniable blast: over 250 summary news posts in two months on a curious range of topics with some commentary and technical instruction along the way. It gave me a chance to ponder, examine,
query, stretch, opine — to share a passion. Hopefully, you have found sparks of interest here that might not have otherwise entered your consciousness, or maybe it brought you information ever so slightly ahead of similar postings elsewhere within the mediasphere.

Thank you for reading and for your feedback. And be sure to visit the new Radio 411 Resource Guide, recently relaunched at

If there was anything posted here that you'd like to access again, please message me ((td2034 AT columbia DOT edu)).

Tony Dec


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